Bite-size travel adventures for those who wander.

In a shrinking world, Healing Places serves to champion different indigenous and local knowledge through a travel web series aimed at the Millennial generation.


In episodes under 10 minutes, hosts from around the world give us glimpses into the intimate moments, customs and traditions of the place they call home.


Episode 01

Guiffiti” in Honduras

“Beautiful beaches, more beans and plantains than anyone can dream of, some of the kindest people in the world...” Welcome to Honduras! In this episode, host and producer Tamara takes us to the coast of Honduras to find Guiffiti; a healing potion for some, a libation for others.

Episode 02

“Death Rituals in Toraja Land - Sulawesi, Indonesia"

“Death Rituals in Toraja Land “- Sulawesi, Indonesia. William takes us on an adventure through the mountains of south Sulawesi into the home of the Toraja, an indigenous group native to this region. As we travel through Toraja we delve deeper into their very unique rituals surrounding death.