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Internship Program

The goal of the Ado Ato Pictures Internship Program is to help students in Media develop personal and professional skills that will help them achieve success in their chosen profession. Our internship program is especially tailored for students, recent graduates and young professionals who would like to gain work experience in a field that is exciting and on the cutting edge of tech! Our head office is split between Amsterdam and LA so we welcome applications from all around the world!

Ado Ato Pictures is an international award-winning film studio, specialising in immersive media storytelling led by award-winning director, Tamara Shogaolu. Driven by the vision to produce unexpected content that breaks boundaries, Ado Ato Pictures develops and produces film, TV, interactive, experiential, and immersive media as seen in theatres, in-home entertainment, installations, and activations across the globe. You’ll get the opportunity to learn and ask questions from filmmakers and artists with many years of experience in the business – who also want to learn from you. The structure of Ado Ato can change depending on the projects we have at any certain moment. We often partner with other companies, as well as freelance artists who you will interact with throughout your internship. Your ideas and insights can make an impact here! 

At the start of each internship, the new intern (you) will create a list of learning goals you hope to complete, which will guide your internship with Ado Ato Pictures.

Internship lengths vary depending on your school’s requirements and your personal goals. The duration of your internship will usually be 6 months long, shorter or longer periods may be available upon request. Interns typically work 16 to 24 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the vacation.

We hope that you will gain knowledge about the industry from the inside, while receiving the guidance and support you need to master new skills and take the first step on your tech journey!


Creative Operations Internship

Join Ado Ato Pictures as a Creative Operations Intern! Work closely with the Creative Director for 6 months, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic, small team. Support calendar management, file handling, and project coordination to ensure smooth operations in our creative and impactful environment.

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