When your song is silenced, how do you rekindle your magic in the world? Join Anouschka, a teenage violin prodigy, as she rediscovers her city, her family history, and ultimately herself.

When your song is silenced, how do you rekindle your magic in the world? Join Anouschka, a teenage violin prodigy, as she rediscovers her city, her family history, and ultimately herself.

ANOUSCHKA introduces players to a young girl with Surinamese and Javanese heritage. As Anouschka's musical journey is stifled by dismissive forces, she embarks on a quest to reconnect with her roots. Guided by her wise grandmother, Anouschka's refusal to be silenced becomes a testament to the resilience of Surinamese culture. Immerse yourself in a story of self-discovery and empowerment.

Key Features:

  • Explore the immersive world of ANOUSCHKA, blending reality with magic.
  • Experience the power of cultural roots and matriarchal lineage through interactive storytelling.
  • Embrace the role of Anouschka, a talented violin prodigy, and guide her through challenges.
  • Challenge your mind with intricate puzzles and quests that bridge history and gameplay.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich blend of animation and archival footage that unravels Anouschka's story.


  • Use magical pixie dust to explore levels, portals, and interactive objects.
  • Solve puzzles and engage in quests that blend history and gameplay.
  • Experience a unique blend of audio and visual cues that spark introspection.
  • Reveal Anouschka's narrative through animation and archival footage.
ANOUSCHKA is a narrative that resonates in a world that often tries to diminish individuality.

Anouschka is an AR adventure that weaves an underrepresented colonial narrative through immersion with players’ reality. Trace portals, solve puzzles, and explore a blend of animation and archival footage to unravel Anouschka's story. Through interactive quests, tap into a rich mix of audio and visual cues, bridging history and gameplay.

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Tamara Shogaolu

Written by

Tamara Shogaolu

Elinor Vanderburg

Produced by

Tamara Shogaolu

Riyad Alnwili

Daisy Corbin O’Grady

Executive Producers

Tamara Shogaolu

Gilles Jobin

Resonate Entertainment

Clément Bauer

Susan Cartsonis

Brent Emery

Suzanne Farwell

Consulting Writer

Sandy Bosmans


John King

Lead Developer



Yurii Kis

Dennis Pavlov

VFX Developers

Naveen Gouni

Violet Forest

UX/UI Design

Touba Shahzad

Tamara Shogaolu

Riyad Alnwili

Lucas Castelo

Sound Design by

Selle Sellink

Original Music and Music Supervision by

Luigi Jansen

Selle Sellink

Dialogue Editing and Additional Recording by

Selle Sellink

Re-Recording Mixer

Selle Sellink

Violin by

Elodie Chousmer-Howelles

Violin Recording by

Elliot Richardson, Highfields Studios

Mocap technician

Pedro Núñez Ribot

Mocap coordinator & Dancer

Susana Panadés Díaz

Dancer (Anouschka)

Joyce Ekomo

Dancer (Grandma)

Malika Toto Garcia

Dancer (Teacher)

Gilles Jobin

Dancers (Other)

Maëlle Deral

Rudi Van Der Merwe

Ivan Larson

Jr. 3D Generalist

Chellysia Christen

3D Artist

Raj Chavada

Oleg Yevglevskyy

3D Animator & Rigger

Jeffri Hasan

3D Animator

Arthur Dullius

Motion Capture Specialist

Serguei Stepanyan

Compositor & Motion Graphics Artist

Argo E Blue 

2D Storyboarding


Illustrator & 2D Animator

German Jorge


Hillbrand Bos

Character Design

Ytje Veenstra

Texture Design

Lulu Senft 

Voice of Anouschka

Daniëlle Santos Gomes 

Voice of Melati

Petra Moerbeek

Ado Ato Team

Studio Manager

Kerry Brandon

Production Assistants

Ada Stecca

Lucas Castelo

Nina Smythe

Production Interns

Caitlin Robson

Silvia Arredondo Daza

Kimberly Van der Wulp

Ana-Maria Radu

Wordsmith Intern

Roxane Rousson

2D Animation Interns

Liza Kravtsova

Mai Lyse Platre 

Alejandra Vizarreta Ikehara

Sara C. Callow

3D Animation Interns

Angela Ruiz Garcia

Daria Yudina

Laura Schiffer

Prototype Team

Produced by

Rita Wachera

Maria Luiza Khouri 

Technical Team


BJ (bunnybreaker)

3D Artist

Shae Skelton

Consulting Developer


Additional Score

“We Are Free” by Zanillya (ft. Humphrey Dennis), 2022

Additional models by

gozdemrl – violin case

Special Thanks

Martijn Zandvliet

Made with the Support of

Alysha Naples

Angela OBrien

Archita Ghosh

Aron Warner

Arwen Griffith

Astrid Bloemen

Ben Bissell

Breonna Arder

Brioni James

Catharine Keatley

Chris Belloni

Christine Potts

Daniela Gattini

Delmar Washington

Elizabeth Orlan

Elizabeth Rugala


Erica Sugarman

Gabrielle James

Heather Anita Smith

Heather Washington

Jackie Sama

Kali Heitholt

Karen Seymour

Karin Manwaring

Katie Seward

Kether Fernandez

Lené Green

Margaret Sclafani

Marquita Robinson

Maryclaire A

Midge Costin

Mirko Dietrich

Natasha Chisdes

Nathan Shafer

Nina Gloster

Phyllis Thompson

Renae Murray

Ric Byers

Robyn Morris

Samantha Samuel


Stacy Charles

Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell)


By Elinor and Drew Vanderburg"

The Magic of Things

Vickie Bennett

Zipporah Nyaruri